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BOSHAARD: Dominique Vantomme and Toon Bosschaert.Cozy during one take sessions, with a salty iodine-like flavor, hallucinating in the garden attic. Live on stage, they do this again surrounded by keys & buttons.


31/10/23 HERENTALS -cc ‘t Schaliken Tickets

13/01/24 MECHELEN Winterslaap Reeks more tba

15/10/22  GENT – Filmfestival-Gastoptreden met 3 songs – Tickets
29/10/22  DEINZE – CD RELEASE CONCERT – Het Leietheater – Tickets
18/11/22  MERKSEM – Schouwburg Noord – Tickets
08/12/22  MOL – ‘t Getouw – Tickets
03/02/23  IEPER – CC Het Perron – Tickets
15/03/23  MIDDELKERKE – De Branding – Tickets
21/04/23  OOSTENDE – CC De Grote Post- Tickets

Gorzen rode along an elegant forest path somewhere in early August listening to the Nuthatcher. Suddenly, the forest whisker bragged about the amber-colored field, dropping his bottle of Fuisce. Swearing, whimpering, grumbling, he sees the yellow gavers blending into the red glow of the forest fireplace. 
contact: Griet De Blende  
‭phone: 0032477 68 14 21‬