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Gratis software,plugins,fx

synth & FX: Native instruments

synth: Cherry Audio modulaire Synthesizer: BEEST!!

FX: Izotope

synth:Pendulate Chaotic synth: EVENTIDE’s eerste synth!

synth U-he: tyrelln6 Zebralette Podolski Triple Cheese

synth: helm

synth: TAL –> kijk dan bij de gratis “FREE” producten 64bit

synth: sampletank

Freeware Musictech blog

FX: voiceleveler & de-esser

FX-EQ: met frequentie aanduiding!

FX reverb: protoreverb

FX: finisher

FX: ACON digital reverbchorus

synth: Kawai v1 Synth module

FX: Valhalla reverb!

synth: Surge rompler open source plug-in

synth: Vital soft Synth

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